Who I am?

My name is Juan Carlos Molinos Mesa, I started in the world of computers since I was 14, that was in 86 …

I started with the beloved MSX and its fast tapes, but was enough to get hooked. I did not take me long to be programming in assembly, it was the only way that something is really run those machines. Machines with a 64K RAM (or less), as well as a single icon occupies today.

Eventually I studied Engineering in Computer Systems and has come a long way since I started, but I’ve had the opportunity to do many things during this time, I developed a lot of software but my profile is arguably the Oracle DBA (I’ve been working with him from version 8.0.5 to 11gR2) and overall system administrator. Right now I live in Seville (Spain) although I’m from Barcelona.

I decided to create this blog as a repository of chops for daily work. It is my contribution to the network for all those moments in which I had to google to find a solution to a problem.

I hope you find it useful …

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